BZ Holdings, LLC 417-276-1632
BZ Holdings, LLC 417-276-1632
Missouri land for sale near Stockton lake

Owner financed land in the Ozarks

Stockton Lake Land


Owner Financed land, no credit check, low payments.
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We also offer a boat storage option for your property!

Get away to a serene spot in SW Missouri. Near a great little town and a beautiful lake.  Boating, canoeing, sailing, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, scuba diving and golf; all available within minutes of any of our properties.  Ideal for home sites, great for vacation or weekend getaways! Browse though our available properties, give us a call, come check it out!

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About the company

 Ben Zitting, owner of BZ Holdings, LLC

Ben Zitting, owner of BZ Holdings, LLC

It all started back in 1995. . .

"This company is the result of my love of the land and my wish to help others realize their dream of owning a home in the country.  I’ve been in the land sales business for more than 20 years and am grateful to have the opportunity to work at something I love and at the same time, help others realize their dream.
Ours is a small business located near Stockton Missouri and its beautiful Corps of Engineers lake. It’s a great area; one where my family and I have chosen to live. We offer prime Ozarks land, some heavily wooded, some mostly cleared.  Beautiful, peaceful and quiet locations, but not “in the middle of nowhere”.  Stockton has a population of 2,000+/- people and boasts a great grocery store, medical facilities, schools, churches, places to eat and more. Bolivar has a WalMart Super Center and is a short 25 minute drive. Springfield is an hour away via a 4 lane highway, and we’re only 2 hours from downtown Kansas City. What a great way to have the best of both worlds! I understand the desire to live more simply; to live a quiet and more peaceful life, and I believe the best place to do that is right here in Cedar County, Missouri.  

I hope you’ll find a property on our website that is exactly what you’ve dreamed about.  I’ll be happy to help you realize your dream."   
Ben Zitting   

Tanglewood 1, lot 3.   Five acres located a few miles NW of Stockton.  $840 down,  $210 per month. Sales price is $21,000.

Tanglewood 3_12.  Ten acres mostly cleared, fenced on 3 sides, electric at front of property, small pond.  $1,600 down, $400 per month. Sales price is $40,000.

20 acres almost totally wooded.  Approximately 1 acre cleared.  Asphalt road frontage, easy access onto the land.  $60,000  $2,200 down, $600 per month. Located approximately 9 miles from Stockton and Stockton Lake.

Majestic Hills #27.  Totally wooded, just under 5 acres at end of small private road. Electric at front of property. Five acres.  $840 down,  $210 per month. Sales price is $21,000.

Rolling Meadows, Lots 1, 2 and 3 are available.  Just outside Stockton city limits.  Some restrictions.  Lots 1 and 2 each 4+ acres.  Each sells for  $18,000, requires down payment of $540 and $187/month.  Lot 3 is 2 acres,  is $420 down, sales price $14,000.

We accept Pay Pal for down payments!


Stockton Lake is located within a few miles of all of our properties.  A beautiful 25,000 acre Corps of Engineers lake with 3 full service marinas and known for it's clear water, Stockton Lake offers "the Ozarks' best kept secret". 
We offer Owner Financing, with no credit check required. Discount for cash




Stockton, MO 65785

Below are some images of maps and spots around Stockton.


How does our Owner Financing program work?
Buyer puts down a small (4%) down payment.  Seller accepts down payment, provides a simple owner finance contract to Buyer and a direct loan for the purchase price minus the down payment. Monthly payments of approximately 1% of purchase price begin 30 days later. You now have the property. Simple and uncomplicated! We're happy to offer owner financing with no banks, no extensive paperwork, and no credit checks. We think you'll find that Owner financing is the most practical way to purchase the lake property you want. By paying the down payment you are automatically approved for owner financing. The only information required is name, address, phone number and email address. 
You may already know that most owner financing programs involve a "Contract for Deed". The contract shows the rate of interest and date of final payment when the Contract for Deed must be paid in full.  With Contract for Deed, Buyer Buyer receives property deed only after the final payment has been made.  
Ours is a three year delayed closing.  Instead of having to wait until the loan is totally paid off, the deed is transferred after the payments have been made for three years. There is NO BALLOON PAYMENT, the payments continue at the same rate for the duration of your loan term.Your loan will be carried at 10% interest for 15 years. There is no prepayment penalty for paying off the loan early.

Who is responsible for real estate taxes and homeowner's insurance?
Buyer is responsible for property taxes form the date of the contract.  Taxes on unimproved property here in Cedar County are very inexpensive - usually less than $30 a year for five acres. You'll receive an invoice from us in January along with a copy of the taxes paid on your behalf. 

Our owner financing program makes it easy to own your own lake area acreage. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We'll be glad to answer them by phone or by email. Once you've decided on the property you want to buy, we will meet with you, show you the property, accept the stated down payment, provide a contract to sign, and that's it. . . No hassle. You're free to start enjoying your very own "near the lake" property!

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
Ben Zitting  (417) 276-1632